Accessibility Statement

Cipparone and Cipparone, as fervent advocates for accessibility, elevate their commitment beyond the standards outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A (WCAG 2.1 A). Their dedication is not confined to a static checkbox; it unfolds as a dynamic journey towards inclusivity, evident in the meticulous accessibility review of their website. We don’t just acknowledge identified issues; instead, we promptly address and remediate them. This reflects our proactive stance in ensuring a universally user-friendly online environment that goes beyond conventional norms.

This commitment is not a one-off endeavor for Cipparone and Cipparone; it constitutes an ongoing dedication to the spirit of the Accessibility Statement. Actively engaged in continuous efforts, they align with and frequently exceed the WCAG 2.1 A guidelines, showcasing a proactive approach in enhancing their website’s accessibility. To enhance user support, we’ve set up a dedicated helpline at (321) 275-5914, offering a crucial resource for individuals facing challenges or seeking clarification. This underscores their unwavering commitment to being accessible to all, fostering an environment where everyone can navigate and engage seamlessly.


Recognizing the invaluable nature of user feedback, Cipparone and Cipparone actively encourage users to report any Accessibility Statement issues encountered on specific webpages. Furthermore, by fostering an open line of communication, they aim to promptly address and resolve any barriers users may face.

In order to create an inclusive online environment for all, they actively reaffirm their commitment. They continually improve user experiences and uphold accessibility standards.

Cipparone and Cipparone don’t just perform a compliance check on the Accessibility Statement and web accessibility—they embody a deeply ingrained philosophy. This philosophy reflects a genuine commitment to ensuring a seamless and inclusive online experience for every visitor. In essence, their approach transcends mere adherence to guidelines, emphasizing a sincere dedication to fostering accessibility as a core value in their online presence. Through continuous improvement, a proactive approach, and active user engagement, they set an exemplary standard for accessibility, embodying their core values of inclusivity and user-centricity. In doing so, they establish themselves as trailblazers, shaping a digital landscape that is truly accessible to everyone. Consequently, their efforts set a standard for inclusivity and pave the way for a more universally accessible online experience.