From contracts to closing and everything in between

Each real estate attorney at Cipparone & Cipparone makes every effort to counsel clients to avoid unnecessary issues in their business ventures and real estate transactions.

We understand the role that real estate plays in an individual’s or business’s financial picture. To protect against arising issues, we discuss different strategies designed to protect our clients’ real estate holdings.

We represent many individuals of real estate transactions and disputes, including:

We provide experienced, comprehensive legal representation in all aspects of real estate transactions ranging from structuring the transaction to acquiring, selling, leasing, and financing real estate.

When a dispute arises and litigation seems inevitable, each real estate attorney understands the issues involved and how to bring the matter to a resolution.

We have experience handling title and boundary disputes, disputes that arise regarding the application and enforcement of restrictive covenants and forfeiture provisions, and the many disputes that arise from a lease agreement.​

Furthermore, we advise and counsel homeowners’ associations in forming and maintaining the association’s declarations and restrictive covenants as well as draft the bylaws.

In addition to the above mentioned real estate issues, we represent companies and individuals in foreclosures, short sales, mortgage modifications, and real estate closings.

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