Estate planning: Why You Need A Will

Recently, music lovers everywhere mourned the death of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. In 2016, iconic superstar singer/songwriter Prince passed away at the age of only 57. Aside from their genius-level talents, Aretha Franklin and Prince also shared this: surprisingly, neither had prepared a will! Franklin leaves behind an estate valued around $80 million, while Prince’s estate has been estimated at $200 million. We may shake our heads and wonder why such talented, accomplished and wealthy artists neglected to plan their estates, but the fact is that many people who should have a will, don’t.
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Florida Homestead Protection and Probate

If your Florida property qualifies as a homestead, state laws offer certain protections. For your property to qualify, you must have legal or beneficial title to the home on January 1 of the year, you must reside at the home as your permanent residence, and you must apply for the homestead exemption in person at the property appraiser’s office in the county where your home is located between January 1 and March 1 of the year in which you are seeking the homestead exemption.
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Why Negotiate Commercial Leases? Advice from Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Cipparone & Cipparone

When it’s time to consider renting commercial office space, it’s important to remember that most aspects of your lease are negotiable. Cipparone & Cipparone, Commercial Real Estate Lawyers based in Lake Mary, FL offer some things to look out for.

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Items to Consider in Negotiation of a Franchise Agreement

Prospective franchisees can always negotiate their franchise agreements, even if the franchisor seems to carry all the negotiating power. Franchise agreements aren’t negotiated in a vacuum. Power, leverage, laws, relationships, and business smarts all create the general negotiation dynamics. Here’s are some general considerations that affect the success of a franchise agreement negotiation.
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A Reminder to Florida Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Section 607.0701 of the Florida Statutes requires that all corporations conduct an annual meeting of shareholders. This annual meeting of shareholders is primarily for the election of directors who are responsible for the operation of the corporation’s business. However, any corporate business can be conducted at the meeting, such as the directors’ appointment of the corporation’s president, secretary and treasurer. Continue reading

10 Items That Every Tenant Should Consider When Negotiating a Retail Lease

Is Your Company’s Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable against Former Employees?

Our business clients at Cipparone & Cipparone, P.A. often ask if their current non-compete agreement with their employees is enforceable, and our response is that it depends. Florida courts have held non-compete agreements enforceable between an employer and employee; however, the courts look to several factors in determining whether the non-compete agreement is enforceable.

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