Meeting Your Business Law Needs

Establishing a new business venture can be complex and challenging. At Cipparone & Cipparone we can assist you from the onset to ensure you have the appropriate entity formed to suit your business.

From individual entrepreneurs to established corporations, legal assistance and advice is always in the best interest of the client. We recognize that every business and its owners have specific needs.

In an effort to better serve our clients, the attorneys at Cipparone & Cipparone take the time to know and understand each of their business clients and their corporate law needs.

At Cipparone & Cipparone, we represent our business clients in all capacities, including:

  • Company Formation

    • Company formation is a necessary step when a starting your business. We can help guide your decision for what formation is best for your business including S Corporations, C Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.
  • Dispute Resolutions

    • Dispute resolutions processes refer to the alternatives to having a court decide your dispute. This process can be used to resolve any type of business dispute including arbitration, mediation, and more.
  • General Counseling

    • At Cipparone & Cipparone, we look to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We serve as general counsel for a number of businesses in the Central Florida area.
      Furthermore, we assist our clients in drafting and maintaining corporate books and records such as the entities bylaws, policies, manuals, procedures, and rules for corporate governance.

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The law offices of Cipparone and Cipparone have been providing business legal services in Central Florida for many years. If you are in need of business law services or are currently involved in a business dispute, please contact us now.

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