Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

We begin the estate planning process by meeting with each client to understand their circumstances. During this meeting, we will help each client articulate their estate planning, wills and trusts, wealth transfer goals and, ultimately, complete the preliminary planning process.

We view estate planning as a life-long process that involves educating younger generations of family members about the family’s values and gradually developing in them the skills to manage their personal finances and investments.

Family members must be educated to assume responsibility for participating in the administration of family trusts and other entities, whether as trustee, advisor or beneficiary.

We will guide you and your family through the “legalese” to ensure a complete understanding of the important elements of your estate plan.

The typical estate plan consists of a durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogate, living will, will, and, in many instances, a trust.

We help our clients define their objectives by thinking through and discussing issues such as:

  • Transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries and younger generations
  • The selection of a fiduciary
  • Advantages and disadvantages of owning assets in a trust versus owning assets outright
  • Whether a trust should be designed to encourage or discourage certain behaviors, supplement earned income to support a particular lifestyle, or to provide a safety net
  • The distribution scheme best suited to accomplish your objectives

Why Do You Need a Will?

At Cipparone & Cipparone, we believe everyone should have a proper will in place to avoid any unfortunate complications. It’s important to have a thorough will in place. If not, the distribution of assets, which mirrors what you would have set forth in a will, often results in assets being distributed outside of what that person would have planned or wished. Whether it be simple or complex, we work with a variety of clients and tailor their will to fit their needs.

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