5 Costly Mistakes for First Time Home Buyers

african american couple sitting in what looks like a room of a new house as it is filled with boxes.

Buying a home can be exciting. It’s easy to get distracted with fancy swimming pools, high ceilings and an open floorplan. Make sure that when you decide to make the important leap into being a first time home buyer, you know what to expect and what NOT TO DO. Here are five costly mistakes that first time home buyers typically make.

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What Are the Basics of an S Corporation?


Identifying which business structure you want to use in a start-up seems like an easy choice. However, the wrong decision can cost you in the long run. The most popular company formation choices are S corporations, C corporations and LLCs. All have their benefits and disadvantages. Here is what you need to know about S corporations.

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Legal Issues to Consider When Drafting a Work from Home Policy

Mature man working from contemporary home


According to a Clutch report, 66% of US employees surveyed were working from home during the pandemic. The rise of remote working is a necessity of the time, but it has many businesses considering working remotely as an ongoing option for their business. With so many businesses new to the concept, many executives don’t fully understand their full legal obligations and responsibilities. Before drafting a work from home policy, here are some legal issues to consider:

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Digital Estate Planning: The New Normal

facebook.com is appearing in a web browser

Estate planning is about protecting your assets. In modern society, that includes your digital assets as well. Who will shut down my social profiles when I die? Who will take control of my websites and email accounts? Answers to these questions should be in your digital estate plan.

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Covid-19 Real Estate Contract Addendum