What Are the Basics of a C Corporation?

Three Important Considerations for a Remote Workforce

Remote work. Attractive cheerful pleasant woman smiling and looking at the laptop screen while working remotely

There are many benefits to adopting a remote work policy. It can save on overhead, increase employee retention and can actually improve productivity. Recently, businesses have been forced into managing a remote workforce due to COVID-19. While there are many legal issues to consider regarding your remote workforce, there are also operation and management based considerations.

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Covid-19 Real Estate Contract Addendum

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples is Essential 

Couple talking to an estate planner

Marriage isn’t what it used to be. Marriage rates have fallen and, according to the U.S. Census Bureauthe number of U.S. adults in cohabitating, but not married, relationships has risen 29% since 2007. The law favors marriage heavily when it comes to managing assets, so it is essential that unmarried couples organize their assets in case of sudden incapacitation or death. Below are some tips to consider when thinking about estate planning for unmarried couples.

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How to Give Employees Equity in a Start Up

Holding a notebook reading "Equity Compensation"

Starting a new business is a risk for both the ownership group and potential employees. It may be difficult to ask for a commitment from employees when there is no guarantee their jobs will be there long term. One way to provide an incentive for high performing talent is to issue equity, or ownership, in the company. Here are some items to think about how to give employees equity in a start-up. Continue reading